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Mandala Friday I Love You

Sorry about my horrible English with wrong prepositions and double LLs, but I must, really must! tell you all what happened today.

I usually take a walk, in front of my house, in an area called Aterro. This is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. You know, to get healthy and all this stuff, collesterol and other medical blablabla? Like everyone does or should do, all over the world?

Well, today, I didn’t- and was feeling kind of guilty- had inmsonia, last night.
And it is an awfull weather, this morning, very hot, more than 36 C

And a car came, just where I usually walk, at 8:30h- when I use to pass by this precise spot- and there was an horrible accident and it lost the way and hurt three people that were there, instead of me?

here, click the link, you’ll see the pict


So, please, don’t complain about everything that happens, or doesn’t happen, in your life: ENJOY IT as it is- and as long as it lasts.

Have a Great Friday, people!